Todd Bentley’s Violent Healings

This is Todd Bentley. Although he has been in the ministry for about 10 years, he is most well-known for his HUGE “healing” revivals in Lakeland, FL. He recently left the ministry because of an extra-marital affair (that was known by the prophets and apostles that endorsed and commissioned him… even at the time of the Lakeland revivals), but he is now making a come-back. Just to share some of his “healing” techniques, he has: leg-dropped a pastor, kicked a lady in the face, banged a crippled child’s legs on the ground like a baseball bat, head-butted someone twice in the face and once in the stomach, kicked a man (with stage 4 metastatic colon cancer) in the stomach, told a man that he (Todd Bentley) had a demon (God told him to say that) and proceeded to curse the man and others out while he convulsed and destroyed everything around him, clothes-lined a man, caused a lady’s tumor to explode out of her leg, reports of the dead being raised (as a result of his revivals… not at the revival, of course), and much more. This is a clip of Todd sharing some of his ministry “healing” stories.


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