Yahweh’s New Kingdom

Yahweh’s New Kingdom was founded by Dr. Joseph Jeffers. He was ordained a Baptist minister in 1918, but in 1943, he announced that he was the Christ. His followers believe he was the “True Messiah” and was also Adam, Elijah, and other biblical figures in the past. Jeffers died in 1988, and now his followers believe he is in the center of the earth controlling Yahweh’s Kingdom.

“There are many species of Aliens from Outer Space. Some of these are of the Forces of Light, while others are of Lucifer and the Forces of Darkness. Mankind, however, is created in His image, meaning in the image of the Creator, YAHWEH, who will be returning to Earth soon in His Mother Spaceship to save His people, the Little Flock and Remnant of Yahweh. This Spaceship of Yahweh, a huge Flying City, is spoken about in the Book of Revelation, chapter 21: “And I John saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem, coming down from Yahweh out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, ‘Behold, the Tabernacle of Yahweh’…And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me that Great City, the Holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from Yahweh, having the glory of Yahweh: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal….And the wall of the City had twelve foundations….” In Dr. Joseph Jeffers’ free book, YAHWEH: YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER, you will learn how you can become a part of Yahweh’s Little Flock and Remnant and be saved by Yahweh in the True Rapture.”

– taken directly from YHWH’s New Kingdom official site

Just in case you are not convinced, they also believe God lives on the Orion Constellation (the place miscalled heaven) where He is constantly creating new planets and stars. Satan lives on the moon, and once a year gets drunk. Then he dresses up like Santa and tries to ride a sleigh to heaven. One day YHWH will return to earth in His “Mother SpaceShip”, and He and His Son will set up a “Shangri-La” paradise called the Kingdom of YHWH. This kingdom will begin when YHWH places a capstone atop the Great Pyramid in Egypt. This capstone is hidden in the sands of Gizeh in an underground city.

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YHWH’s New Kingdom


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  1. Well let me compare on one hand you have a virgin birth the he does magic walks on water dies comes back to life. On the other you have Yahweh and ufos. I’ll take my chances with Yahweh.


  2. I’ve read about the kingdoms voice and know where does it say he is in the center of the earth. That’s not being truthful. It’s intresting that Christianity will believe in that Jesus was born of a virgin, walked on water, died for your mistakes, came back to life, did magic and is coming back floating on a cloud. If I also had to choose between fundaMentals and the Kingdoms Voice I would go with Yahweh kingdom any day.


  3. FYI, he never announced that he was the Messiah, in fact our Creator told him that he has the spirit of Joseph the son of Jacob-Israel. The True Messiah whose Spiritual Name is Yahoshua which means Yahweh is our Salvation was the One who was Adam, Osiris, Akhenaten IV, Joshua, Noah, King Solomon, Elijah, Apollo, Zoroaster in His many lifetimes here on Earth, to preach to the people that the Master Key to the Salvation of man is the Most Powerful Name of our Creator YAHWEH whose Name came from the word “to be.” He can be your Creator, Maker, Father, Great Healer, Provider and whatever you want Him to be to you. This Name YAHWEH has the highest vibration that’s why when you call His Name 7 times you’re charging the air with great positive vibration that the evil spirits cannot come near you. If you love, praise and worship that Holy Name, He will give you understanding about Him, His secrets, the secrets of Creations and the Universe and of course “power” and be the princes and princesses in His soon-coming Kingdom, where Yahoshua be the King of Kings and Masters of all Masters.

    It’s not true that Dr. Jeffers is controlling the Earth, still our Creator YAHWEH is in complete control of everything, He is not a Creator for nothing, only He is also following His own Natural Laws. We don’t call our Creator lord or god, He has a Name given to Moses, a Name forever by which He is to be remembered from generation to generation and that Wonderful and Awesome Name is YAHWEH. His headquarter is in Orion in the Constellation of Aquarius, where He continuously making planets and more universes for His Little Flock to govern and manage and to become co-creators too, which is man’s real reason for creation, to be like Him.

    About aliens, there are lots of them here on Earth like Martians and many, many more from other Star systems, some are good and some are bad. Satan really resides in the dark side of the moon and during full moon, he and his legions of evil spirits will go to earth and stir the mind of people that some will become lunatics.

    There are lots of fallacies in the life of the True Messiah Yahoshua that the story of His life became a myth, mistranslated, interpolated by the liar translators of the Book. Every “miracles” in the Bible has scientific explanation, otherwise our Chief Scientist will not create sciences.

    To be saved, you don’t have to be too smart, genius, famous, wealthy and beautiful, He needs only a contrite heart, full of love for Him, and of course a lot and lots of “common senses.” To know and understand Him, call Him in His Powerful Name YAHWEH as soon as possible, the hours are running out, THIS IS OUR LAST LIFETIME, according to Him. YAHWEH bless the one reading this and may His light and love be with you!

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    1. hi, im a Yahwist in the UK, and i believe 100% in what is true of Y,N,K i go around and talk to people and spread the word if they will listen, Yes what you say is true ,we keep the Holy Commandments of Yahweh, i do love the Kingdom voice ,i sometimes send items to Y,N,K , may Yahweh bless you all ,brian

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  4. We love the Kingdom Voice newsletter very much. A lot of what it says is hard to accept, but much of it is very reasonable and believable. We love Yahweh!

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  5. Phil and Charlene
    Yahweh wants to know why you have not told your people about the Joshua project thats going to churches around the world, its in Africa now its on the web.Its a black wall that stands tall and wide 27 hugh plates and still adding more,where they go to churches and write down all names for all to die before there time and pray they die and inscribe there names on the wall almost 3 billion have been added so far.He is madder than hell it self for they are playing Judge and condeming all without his name for he has not condoned this he wants the wall destroyed he wants it shattered so call for him to destroy the wall he says let no one be his judge but him he does say to all.this message is from him that wants you to know Im with him to stay Yahweh,Yahoshua always.Sherry Stockton


    1. Phil and Charlene
      Another thing that Yahweh wants to know is that no reports of any kind have been told about him replacing the moon last month with Venus as she battled the Draconian race to take there place and stood tall as the new Purple Rose to govern the Earth and remove the hate and to start the new Dawn.yet no one noticed his hands moving and pulling the moon back behind Venus as He battled all night long .It was amazing to watch
      I sat on my porch till about 3am watching the dance of the moon and Venus as she fought to take position with Yahwehs Hand pulling the moon back and throwing him into space,as she turned into the hugh purple rose.were all blind not to see the great magic he preformed.He has cried that nobody cared to report this great effort on all he loves.These things I say I bring from Yahweh himself to say to you. Sherry Stockton


  6. We all exercise our free will and believe that which we want to believe. When the time comes, the proof will be in the pudding, as they say. We will all reap what we have sown. As a proud Yahwist, I am not concerned with what anyone else chooses to say or believe. I know with absolute certainty where I stand. If the opportunity to share what I believe comes up, I share. People will hear or they will not. It is only my job to share, not my job to make anyone believe. The heart and mind that seeks knowledge and answers will find them. If everything on Earth has a name, from the lowliest to the greatest, how is it that the Creator has a title? If you do not wish to believe that he has a Name, or that His Name is YHWH (Yahweh), then what is that to me? To me, it simply means that you believe your way is best. Wheat is wheat & chaff is chaff. Which is which is a matter of perspective. Discernment only comes from one place & that’s the Spirit of Yahweh. You think you’re right & I’m wrong. That does not change anything. If you got “Joseph Jeffers is ‘God’ and worshipped by Yahwists” out of the publication “Yahweh Yesterday, Today and Forever”, you may wish to consider re-reading with spiritual glasses. That’s not what it says, not what we believe & not even close to the truth.


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