Drunk "in the Spirit"?

Here is Kenneth Hagin explaining that since the disciples were thought to have been drunk (Acts 2:13) then it must have been because they were stumbling around like drunks. He is joined by his friend, Word of Faith-er,
Kenneth Copeland. Of course, Acts 2 says that only “some” supposed that they were drunk. If they were really stumbling around like drunks, then perhaps EVERYONE would’ve felt the same way. Following his explanation is about 6 minutes of foolishness. This is absolutely ridiculous. If the disciples acted this way because they were filled with the Holy Spirit, it’s ironic that the accusation of their being drunk did not follow them around. There is no other mention of such an accusation. Secondly, it would be any wonder how the gospel was ever spread if the disciples were “falling out” and rolling around with “stoned” smirks on their faces. Yet, when these groups gather, this seems to be all that they do.