Church Plans to Burn Bibles on Halloween

Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina is marking Halloween this year by burning what it calls satanic books. Many of the books on the list are versions of the Bible.

Pastor Marc Grizzard wants to burn any Bible that is not the King James version. Grizzard and the congregation at Amazing Grace Baptist Church consider other interpretations of the Bible to be false. They also plan to burn the books of well known Christian writers who have occasionally used other versions of the Bible. “We’re burning versions of God’s word such as the NIV, the NASV, the ECV, the living bible,” Grizzard said. “There’s a lot of different authors that we consider heretics such as Billy Graham, Rick Warren, the list goes on and on. “Grizzard and his congregation believe that only the King James version of the Bible is the true word of God. Grizzard says everything else is a satanic influence. [Taken from Eyewitness News 9.]

You can view the church’s web site here: Amazing Grace Baptist Church.

Unfortunately, KJV (King James Version) Onlyism has manifested this foolishness before. Videos have been posted on YouTube in the past of various translations being burned in the name of the KJV. KJV Onlyists have set it up as though it was the very object of worship found within its pages. How are other nations reached? If God has given to us in our time a perfect version, then should we teach all nations to speak English and then teach the Word of God ala KJV? Or has God given each of these nations a perfect Bible too? KJV Onlyists don’t even carry 1611 versions of the KJV – the year when it was first introduced. The KJV has been revised 10 times since 1611, the last time being 1850. Not to mention there are hundreds of words used in this translation that don’t even mean the same thing in our culture. The KJV was written for those of the “vulgar” or common tongue. That is, it was written for people living then in a language that was for them – the common language.
Consider Matthew 19:14 –
“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven”
Suffer” little children? Was Jesus punishing them? Was He pronouncing doom upon them? NO. It means to “tolerate” or “allow”. When is the last time you used the word suffer in that context?