A New Earth – A "Sweetener" for Christianity

This video speaks for itself. Here, Oprah is discussing the book that defines her religious beliefs. The book is “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. His main teaching is that we must live for the moment – second by second. It doesn’t matter what “god” you serve, because religion is just something humans use to package their “spirituality.” It is Oprah’s Bible.

She has spent much time teaching from this book alongside Eckhart on her web site each Monday. In this video, her guest just doesn’t see how following the teachings of “A New Earth” could clash with any other religions. She sees it as a sweetener for any belief… like sugar in coffee. The book also inspired a Catholic female lay-priest to look at Jesus differently, because she had previously thought that Jesus had died for her sins… not realizing that He really died to show her “Christ-consciousness” and how to be “fully-human.” Lastly, Oprah let’s everyone know that she is Christian too, and had also once believed that Christ’s purpose on earth was His death. But now she also realizes it was to show the “Christ-consciousness” that is in all of us.