Believe in the "dream"?

This video highlights various messages given by Troy Gramling of Flamingo Road Church at the Innovate Conference. Although this video is about 2 years old, you will still be able to hear this same sort of self-help under their roof today.

He encourages to dream for the “future”, thanks God for Christ “repelling” to earth and rescuing us from weariness, the temptation to be ordinary, and feelings of guilt. Guilt and spiritual weariness are fruits of sin nature. And Christ died for sin. As for the “temptation to be ordinary” – What does this even mean? Ever get the feeling that churches like this all have their own lingo? You spend at least half your time trying to interpret what they are saying, because it is made so vague. Then  he ends everything by having people sign their names in order to declare that they “believe in the dream” and that they will leave a “legacy” that lasts. What in the world is “the dream”?  Let us live for the Glory of God alone, putting to death ourselves through the Word of God and shine the light of the gospel.