Desteni – Equality and Oneness

“Desteni is the Name of the Organization of People that are placing Information available to All with regards to the current Process that is taking place on Earth in terms of realizing Who We Really Are as Life. They provide All Information with regards to how the System works, how we operate as Mind Consciousness Systems and they provide Tools that Each One can apply for themselves Individually within the consideration of realizing that we are All One and Equal – and we must take Responsibility for what we’ve created as such.”
“The information is being provided to get to know How the System-works and accordingly, stand up within ourselves to create and manifest a solution that will bring an Equal-Life to all beings on Earth – There are discussions on about everything that goes around this world – from economics, religions, societies, education, personal affairs at all levels getting perspectives from other beings that are currently taking on the walking of the Process in Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness, Breathing and Writing which are the Tools provided to eventually be able to Stop and simply exist as Breath-Here, no more supporting the Systems that we’ve become.”
-Taken directly from the Desteni site
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  1. I've actually subjected myself to watching a few of this girls videos in the past and she stated clearly that she has been possessed by demons and loved it because she didn't feel alone. According to her she would sit in her room for weeks on end spending time with the demon inside of her. In most of her videos she starts of by letting herself go into a trance and lets spirits talk through her. It's probably nonsense and she's probably making it up, so at best she is a liar, worst case her body is literally a temple of refuge for evil spirits.


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