Doom and Gloom

This is William Tapley, the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse. When he isn’t teaching how to pray the rosary, exegeting messages from appearances of the virgin Mary, or warning against not wearing condoms if you want to be raptured, he is recording tunes like this one. Here he shares with us a song of concern for the coming rapture, tribulation, antichrist, etc. What solution does he provide for escaping? “Just don’t sin.” Looks like if he is right (and he isn’t), then I’m done for – because, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a SINNER. I guess Christ’s perfect atonement upon the cross doesn’t really play into Mr. Tapley’s theology. By the way, I apologize for getting this song stuck in your head.

The following is a brief biography taken from his Facebook page:

When I retired in 2001 I fully expected to enjoy full time my avocations of bass fishing and making sculpture. The long, cold Adirondack winters also afforded me a lot of time to renew my interest in the Holy Bible and that’s when I discovered I have a unique gift to understand the end times prophecies of Daniel, Esther, Ezekiel, Revelation etc. Not that interpretation is always obvious and so when I have doubts I stop and pray about it, usually Mary’s Rosary (I am a practicing Roman Catholic) and the Lord answers, not in an audible voice, but to my mind. When I asked who is the “eagle” in Revelation 8:13, He said “you are”. This really shook me, but after some research I realized there are actually four eagles. The first was St. Vincent Ferrer, an amazing miracle worker, who warned humanity in 14th century Europe about the impending breakup of Christianity (the first woe). His chief disciple was St. Bernardino of Siena, who also warned about this catastrophe. Since the eagle cries “woe, woe, woe”, I determined that I must be the third personification of this eagle and my mission from God is to warn mankind about the second woe, World War 3. After me will come a fourth eagle, the prophet Enoch, whose mission will be to preach repentance to the Gentiles and warn about the third woe, the reign of the Antichrist. I like to refer to the four of us eagles as “three saints and a sinner”. The term “co-prophet” means that I complete the end times prophecies in the Bible. I often compare the gifts of end times prophecy and co-prophecy to the gift of speaking in tongues and interpreting tongues. These manifestations come from the Holy Spirit who always requires two people to express His gift of life and love, such as also marriage. I hope you continue to enjoy my prophecy videos and I encourage any and all comments


One thought on “Doom and Gloom”

  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……… Well aside from the song sounding like a little kid wrote it, I don’t like tone deaf-ness. That’s just to say my concern for the musical aspect.

    Being saved by our works is why Jesus Christ coming for our place is necessary. By the way Tapley, without Jesus Christ, whom is denied in your vid (I say he is denied in your vid because of your continuing phrase: ‘just don’t sin.’, a.k.a. we can’t fulfill that, but Jesus has), there will be no rapture.


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