Jesus Who?

This is Matt. He attends the South FL congregation Church By the Glades. You may have heard of them in the past when they were giving away Miley Cyrus tickets for attendees or calling themselves the “World’s Largest Stripclub” or doing their “80’s series,” playing various hit songs from the 80’s to help illustrate sermons. Recently, their pastor went through a series entitled “In the Zone,” teaching how to be obedient in order to receive God’s full blessings in all areas of life. Here, Matt shares his testimony via video. Like some of the other testimonials from this church, Christ makes an appearance for a few seconds, but the overall reason for change lies within the commitments and life changes of those who did them. For instance, Matt says that the first time he ever gave God or Jesus a thought was when the pastor said, “Your life is an occasion to rise to.” Instead of trying to figure out what that could possibly mean, let’s see what Matt’s response was to that. He says, “I’ve always wanted to rise to something, and I felt like where I was, I wasn’t getting anywhere.” Why exactly does Matt need a crucified, dead, and risen Savior for that? Can’t I get this message at any old place? Why do I need a crucified, dead, and risen Savior for self disciplines that will “benefit” my life?

He continues, “I wasn’t living my life like it was an occasion, I was just going through the motions.” Matt, with all due respect,

you were an atheist.

Being a Christian does not mean that we now believe in a god somewhere out there and now live our life like an occasion to rise to. What exactly does he respond to in the altar call?! Why was he so moved? There has been no mention of the gospel. The name Jesus made an appearance when Matt said, “Since I finally accepted Jesus” –  but I just have to ask, “Who is Jesus? Why did you accept Him?”

His closing statement? “I really wouldn’t be who I am today without Church By The Glades. I really do believe that it saved my life.”


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  1. This is heart wrenching and angering at the same time. Did Matt even hear the Gospel? Because in that entire video, there was absolutely no mention of the Gospel. I’ve frequently wondered whether or not we should even call places like that “churches.” It’s hard for me not to think of “churches” like this as having a cult-like quality about them…



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