Has the Vision Set You Free?

This is Brian Houston. He is the pastor at  Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. Churches all over the globe love and play their songs. Unfortunately, churches all over the globe don’t realize this man is a false teacher who teaches obedience-for-blessings as well as what is highlighted in this video. The theme here is pretty much the same for many churches: Having a vision for your life. The verse used to support this view is Proverbs 29:18,

“Where [there is] no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy [is] he.”

It is normally read this way, “If you don’t have a personal vision or goal for your life, you’ll die.” But this verse doesn’t say this. It doesn’t mean that if you have no goals in life, you will die – rather, where there is no revelation from God, people die. This doesn’t mean that God has to visit you everyday, or audibly speak to you, to give a revelation so you can live. Notice the second half of that verse. “But blessed is he who keeps the law.” In other words, despite the fact that many prophets or seers had come, or will come, it is only true prophecy that will give life. That life is found in the words of God, spoken through the prophets in the Christian Scriptures. It is these Christian Scriptures that point to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The prophets in the Old Testament were saying, “He is Coming!” And the prophets in the New Testament were saying, “He has come!” 

Reading the Scriptures, you will see that there is a goal and vision for your life as a Christian – it is to preach repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ to all people everywhere. And you aren’t sinning if you don’t have some HUGE and CRAZY dream for your life. Being a godly spouse, parent, or child and working quietly with your hands as to the Lord may not seem spectacular but it is what we are encouraged to do. Goals could be a good thing. But constantly butchering this verse in order to support this idea is horrible and dishonest.

Finally, Brian Houston says that having a clear vision isn’t rules or laws to live by, but parameters that will allow you to run according to the way God wants you to. So, let me get this straight. It’s not about laws and rules to live by. But, it is parameters you set for yourself that must be clear, in order to allow you to live the way God wants you to, OR you will perish/run wild/unrestrained? Better make sure you have a vision for your life in order to live the way God wants you to. And better make sure it’s clear. How does Christ fit into all of this? Anyone else’s back getting a little heavier?

The vision is NOT what frees us to live a life of love for God. It was CHRIST who lived a perfect and holy life on my behalf, died on my behalf, was buried, rose again 3 days later, to satisfy the wrath of God that loomed over me. Because of CHRIST, I AM FREE to LIVE in thankfulness to GOD.