God Is Doing a New “Thang”

For those who are weary on this Wednesday morning, take heart. God is doing a new thang. According to Michael Clancy (who was covering a DC Talk song), the new thang was done through this style of music. I realize this video has been in circulation for a little while now. But, I decided to make a few comments here. While the music is pretty ridiculous, I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t mind anyone using various styles of music to give praise to God. Despite how zealous one might seem for glorifying God, we should focus on what is being said.

Mike gets evangelistic with this song and tells his audience to call upon the Lord. He says that if you call on the Lord, God will do His part. According to him, God’s part is giving you peace in your heart and a new start. Is that what Jesus came to do? No. He is the eternal God who became a man. He came to live a perfect life, perfectly obedient to the law of God, in the place of sinners. He was tortured and died a gorey death on a cross in the place of sinners, that God’s wrath toward sin might be poured out on Christ so that it wouldn’t be poured out on His people. He died in the place of His people. He was buried. He rose again three days later, proclaiming Himself to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is seated at the right hand of the Father as His kingdom sperads throughout the earth until the day He returns again to judge the world. But I didn’t even hear the words “sin” or  “cross” in this whole song.

So, if I was to glean a gospel from this song, it would be: Call out to God and ask Him for a new start and for peace. See, my problem isn’t really that I don’t have peace. A lot of people who care nothing for Christ claim to have that. I don’t need a new start. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins can help you out there. My problem is that I am a wretched law breaking sinner who needs forgiveness from God because I have sinned against Him. And if I don’t get forgiven, I go to hell. A lot of Christians out there might see a little kid jumping up and down and saying the word, “Jesus.” And their heart might break at the apparent zeal of such a kid. And it is certainly an awesome thing to see kids his age who are zealous. You might say, “What does it matter? No one takes this kid seriously anyways.”  Well, all this kid has really done is preach a false gospel. Does that matter to you?