I Rock and Roll. The Bible Tells Me So…

According to B-Shoc, the Bible tells him that we rock. He must be reading the Believe in Yourself Paraphrase Bible. I haven’t seen that one. My Bible tells me that I’m a wretched sinner in need of a Savior. It shows me that I need to be reminded of the gospel everyday, because everyday I sin against God ALL the time. See, God’s expectation is that I love Him with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength and that I love my neighbor as myself. No one reading this is capable of doing that, and even if you started doing this perfectly from now on, you are still guilty of not having done it before. But on the contrary, I am a wretched man who longs to be freed from this body of sin – a law breaker who has had his debts cancelled by Jesus Christ who lived and died a perfect life in my place, satisfying the wrath of God on the cross that should have befallen me.

The lyrics to this song sound like someone wrote a bunch of random phrases, and mixed them up in a blender, then poured it out onto a notebook. He is certainly allowed to write whatever he wants. But, as far as edification of the body of Christ goes, this song is like a sandwich without the bread or insides. I’m still not sure exactly why he claims that we rock. I’m guessing it’s because Jesus loves us. But this poses some problems.

If he means we rock because Jesus loves everyone everywhere, then this means everyone rocks. If this it what he means, he should clarify. If he means we rock because we accepted Jesus’ love toward us, then this means we rock because we did something that other people (who don’t rock) refuse to do. In other words, “We are so awesome.” If he means that we rock because God elected us apart from any merit on our part, then he is attributing something to himself that had nothing to do with him. It all just sounds confusing and unbiblical.


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