Church By The Glades: God Loves U2

Church By the Glades has a new sermon series entitled “God Loves U2,” where they will be teaching rich Biblical truths. Where will these rich Biblical truths come from? The Bible? No, no, no. Think again. U2 songs.

“U2 has been influencing our culture for the last three decades.  In fact, they’re still selling out stadiums around the world and impacting people from all walks of life. We will be using some of U2’s most popular songs as launching points to teaching biblical truth.” [Church By the Glades]

You know, the gospel has been influencing (more like saving from the wrath of God) for centuries those who are from around the world and all walks of life. The Scriptures are awesome launching points for teaching Biblical truth. I guess the Bible just doesn’t do it anymore for some folks, and I’m sure the creative team there at Church By the Glades is already brainstorming the next cool series title. They have to top some of their past series: I love the 80’s, Get Over Your B.S. (Belief Systems), Swagger, and In the Zone. It’ll be tough, but they’re used to it.


2 thoughts on “Church By The Glades: God Loves U2”

  1. I read a Bono interview one time where he was asked about what he believed in regards to God. He said he’s a frisbyterian. He said he believes that when he dies, his soul gets stuck on a roof somewhere.

    U2 has been influencing our culture? Yes, they have. And for the worse.


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