The Protest! Station Comic #1 – Brick Layer Jesus

I’ve decided to start drawing out some comic strips through the Protest! Station. The first series of comics I am drawing will deal with various quotes by “pastors” who have decided to describe Jesus the way their imaginations dictate instead of the Scriptures. I’ll probably mix it up with other stuff, but for now there are a few quotes I have lined up. For now, this is the very first Protest! Station comic. It was inspired by Eric Dykstra of The Crossing Church. The question I continue to receive when people hear Dykstra’s quote is, “Did he REALLY say that?!” Yes. Yes, he did. Anyhow, enough talking.


2 thoughts on “The Protest! Station Comic #1 – Brick Layer Jesus”

  1. Did you draw this yourself? Man, this is really good. The comic, I mean, not the quote. The quote stinks. It ignores the historical data. The Jews during that day were not sweating, cursing, irreligious knuckle draggers whistling at every woman who strolled by. Even the fishermen were well versed in Scripture. When Jesus said, “You have heard it said . . .” they really had heard it said.


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