Michael P. Vigilante III sings “Shout of the King”

I don’t really have much to say here since this video basically speaks for itself. If you should feel inclined to join Mike in song and dance, make sure not to break anything nearby. I’m sure this guy means well, but dude, just because particular ideas may clang around in the bony cavern we call a skull, doesn’t mean that those ideas should ever be enfleshed. Just because you can move your body, doesn’t necessarily mean you should dance in a public setting. Just because your voice can get loud, doesn’t necessarily mean you should try singing in a public setting. And just because you still have the mariachi jacket from your first college gig, (or is it a Michael Jackson style nehru jacket?) doesn’t mean… well, who am I kidding, the jacket is kind of awesome. Anyhow, enjoy 🙂


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