The Protest! Station Comic #9 – What If?

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A lot happened last week. On the one hand, we learned that the speakers at the Passion conference joined in on some contemplative prayer ala the mysticism of the Roman Catholic church’s lectio divina. And on the other hand, we had people who rarely if ever talk about their faith bursting out of the woodworks posting the latest trending video that pitted Christianity against religion. It got me thinking, “What if John Calvin were alive today?” Now, I know that perhaps the opinion of many non-reformed folks is that guys like me surely must read more John Calvin that we do the Bible. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth in my case, as I’ve never read even one book by Calvin, though I do own one. I’ll get to it one of these days. Anyways, had to throw that out there.

In this cartoon, I entertain the question, “What if John Calvin was a present day purpose driven pastor?” I mashed together the two main themes of last week – contemplative prayer and religion vs. relationship. Here, he is promoting a different book instead of his well known Institutes of the Christian Religion. After all, Christianity isn’t a religion, right?


One thought on “The Protest! Station Comic #9 – What If?”

  1. Haha “institutes of the Christian relationship” would probably be his big work. Thank God Calvin was who he was.


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