Matt Chandler Has Gone Missing

Steven Furtick is the pastor over at Elevation church in Charlotte, NC. He’s no stranger at this blog as I’ve gone over his Sun Stand Still message, as well as the “sermon” he delivered at Potential church (concerning John the Baptist). Well, if you don’t know what’s going on at Elevation tonight, the last few nights, and the next few nights, allow me to fill you in. Elevation is hosting a conference entitled, “Code Orange Revival.” It’s going for a total of 12 days and includes 12 speakers. And it’s being broadcast on TBN. And reruns of it are being played on TBN too. Yes, it purposes to be like those revivals before it. I don’t really want to talk about the speakers. I will say that they include Perry Noble, TD Jakes, Christine Caine, and Ed Young. You can check them out by doing a google search I’m sure. You can hear their sermons, where you will learn more about them and Furtick’s accomplishments instead of Christ. Well, not all the speakers. There was, after all, Matt Chandler.

I don’t know what you think about him. I’ll be honest, I’m not really familiar with him. But, after listening to Matt Chandler’s sermon, I was pleased when he made a particular point. It was that some people take a text and read themselves into it, and others will read the text contextually. He gave the example of David and Goliath. He said some folks see David as themselves and Goliath as life struggles. He pointed out that David was a shadow of Christ, Goliath death and sin, and we are the powerless Israelites cowering somewhere off to the side. He said no matter how many rocks you fling at Goliath, you will miss every time. I was happy to hear this especially when you consider the audience. The rest of these “pastors” do exactly what he pointed his finger to. It was pretty cool.

But now something strange has happened. That night when it came time to rerun what had previously played live on TBN, Matt’s sermon was missing. In it’s place was a different video. Steven Furtick had tweeted and apology for the program change. In fact, if you try and watch the video on YouTube, it says that it has been pulled because of a “copyright claim by Elevation church.” Fortunately, the video has been recorded and being uploaded EVERYWHERE by a bunch of folks. What was the problem? Geoff Schultz, the Motion Graphic Designer at Elevation Church, apparently said of the rebroadcast fail, that the Spirit didn’t want them to play it so they could focus more on Jesus.

The Spirit led them to do this? You decide. I wonder if the Spirit will lead them to pull TD Jakes’ sermon. After all, he is a modalist, rejecting a trinitarian view of God. Whatever you think about Matt Chandler, the point is that Elevation more than likely views his sermon as a threat. After all, it’s being broadcast on TBN. Perhaps it won’t be long until Furtick joins the televangelist elite.