The Protest! Station Comic #10 – Who Does Your Pastor Preach?

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It isn’t uncommon to hear church folk praising a pastor or church for their faithfulness. In mix of praises, you may hear how faithful they are to Scripture. But when listening to a lot of these sermons, it quickly becomes apparent that we aren’t hearing much about Jesus. And we walk away from the sermon knowing more about the pastor or the church than Jesus Christ. Mentioning the name if Jesus is not the same as opening the Scriptures and faithfully exegeting the passage. I’m sure Jesus’ name gets an honorable mention in many churches, but that’s about where it stops. Unfortunately, many places will spend the majority of the time talking about their personal experiences and the like, and at the very end try to cram in a quick gospel. They will tell people they need Jesus and that He died for them. But, the audience who just spent 45 minutes hearing about themselves, the pastor, or anything but the Bible properly preached may have a few questions – “I need Jesus for what?” “He died for me?” “Why did He have to die?” “Why would I say ‘yes’ to Jesus?”