Steven Furtick’s In Yo FACE Code Orange Sermon

I tuned into the final night of the Code Orange Revival tonight to hear the final speaker, Steven Furtick. I was floored by what I heard. I couldn’t believe it. Last week we had observed the attempted censorship on behalf of Elevation church of Matt Chandler’s sermon. It was a surprise, but not really. Again, I’m not really familiar with Matt, and don’t know what you think about him, but he made an awesome point – especially given the audience. One of his notable points was that of properly preaching the text. He illustrated his point by talking about how some folks preach the David and Goliath story incorrectly by making the audience David and their obstacles Goliath. Chandler said that the point of the story was that David, being a shadow or type of Christ, represented Christ putting an end to death and sin on behalf of the people of God who could do nothing. And he said this in the middle of a revival in which every other speaker employed the self-centered style of preaching the text. In fact, it is unbelievably ironic to hear what Furtick is preaching tonight, and perhaps no wonder why Matt’s sermon was being pulled.

Tonight, Steven Furtick preached a sermon about David and Goliath. And it was all about finding “your moment.” Yes, it’s true. No surprise that it would be the run of the mill self centered purpose driven sermon. In fact, at one point, he compared David to a single mom. He compared Goliath to “haters,” and “people on Twitter.” Absolutely unbelievable. At the end, he briefly said, “This is the gospel: Jesus died, rose again, and will come back again.” If I was an unbeliever, I’d simply say, “That’s nice. He died and came back and will return. What does that have to do with me?” So far, they had heard of God as someone who is in your corner to overcome your giants, and now we are talking about the death of Jesus in passing. We can look at this whole thing in two ways. And either way ain’t great. 1) Furtick pulled Chandler’s sermon because of the sermon Steven had planned to preach. 2) Furtick purposely preached this text to thimb his nose at Chandler. I will leave that decision up to you.