Elephant Room 2: Promoting Unity with Handcuffs!

The Elephant Room touts itself as a beacon of unity. It’s a place where the tough issues can be brought up, and laid out on the table. It’s a place where differences come head to head, and secterianism is everything but promoted. It’s a place where people aren’t turned away, but listened to. Or is it?

Well, an interesting thing happened at the Elephant Room 2 in Chicago yesterday. Chris Rosebrough, host of Pirate Christian Radio and Fighting For the Faith made his way from Indiana to Chicago yesterday to be in attendance at Harvest Bible Chapel, where James McDonald pastors. He learned that a fellow blogger,  Erin Benzinger of Do Not Be Surprised, would be there too so they planned to meet up, listen to what was said, and take notes so that they could report what happened at the conference. No biggie. Or was it?

As soon as they walked in, the security guards recognized them and escorted them to the side of the lobby. There, an elder at the church informed them that their registration had been revoked and their money would be refunded. They were then told that they were to leave the premises immediately, and not even think about trying to sneak back in. Surprised, they went back to the car and tried to figure out what to do, when just then, the elder came back outside and ensured them that they would be leaving. They had to get off the property.

Chris called his friend, Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries, and told him to stay on the phone so he’d have a witness. Chris then went to speak to the elder, and told him that he was making a mistake since Chris worked in the media. Rosebrough assured him that if he was turned away from being able to be in attendance and take notes, that he would have to report what happened to the wider body of Christ. The elder asked if that was a threat. Chris told him it was a promise because he’d have no choice but to report it. The elder again accused Chris of threatening him, something Chris denied again, assuring him it was a promise. Rosebrough said that at this point the conversation was over and the elder said it didn’t matter anyways because the police had been called. Needless to say, they both left, and Chris made his way back to Indiana. Audio of the story can be heard [here].