Chad Vegas Leaves Acts 29 Over Elephant Room 2

“After posting on my blog, something I rarely do but hope to begin again, I was slammed with comments, calls, emails, twitter messages etc. I decided to pull the post and restart my lame blogging career with less controversial posts. So, sorry if you missed it folks.” – Chad Vegas (Sovereign Grace Church of Bakersfeild)

Chad Vegas, lead pastor over at Sovereign Grace Church of Bakersfeild had written a blog article on January 30, 2012 that he has since taken down due to an overflow of messages. His blog can be found [here]. In the article he had explained how he had a knot in his stomach when he heard TD Jakes would be speaking at the Elephant Room 2. He hoped that Mark Driscoll would pull out of the conference, because Vegas didn’t envision any good coming from it. He felt that his days with Acts 29 were numbered. He said, “Sadly, the event went down as I feared it would, and I had a decision to make.” He knew that he’d have to make up his mind. As he and his assistant pastor listened, they both looked at each other and knew they would both leave. The leader of their network had now embraced a modalist – A heretic in regard to the nature of God. Vegas and his assistant pasor pulled out of Acts 29 that night.

Vegas assured his readers that he doesn’t think Driscoll is a heretic. He thinks that Mark is well intentioned and orthodox. He also thinks those who disagree with him in Acts 29 are well-intentioned brothers. He didn’t leave because of these men. Chad says that he thinks that Driscoll awkwardly and unfortunately failed hard when it came to defending the gospel. He ended his article with saying Mark’s dialogue “was a major failure in his duty as a spokesman for Jesus, the church, and Acts 29. I can not follow a leader who will not act on Titus 1:9 when so many young pastors are looking on. It is for this reason I left Acts 29. I pray Mark will see the grievous error that took place that day. I will still love him, pray for him, and admire him in many ways if he doesn’t.”

A screenshot of Chad Vegas’ original post:


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