Church By the Glades: Dropping F Bombs

Church By the Glades is at it again with a new provocative sermon series title “Dropping F Bombs.” In case you aren’t familiar with the term “F Bomb,” I’ll clue you in. The term “F Bomb” is used to describe a particular profane word that begins with the letter f. It’s not just any “F” word. It’s a specific one that I won’t disclose here. Either way, Church By the Glades has decided once again to appeal to the depraved nature of man to draw people into the church. Now, in their defense, they aren’t doing a sermon series on this particular profane word. The series revolves around words that many professing Christians treat as though profane. I’ll let them explain. The following is taken from their site.

Sermon series titles like “Ephesians 1” or “John 10” are too boring to do the trick. Who would want to come to that, right? That’s like saying, “You guys are invited to our dinner party. We will be having oatmeal followed by butter sandwiches and flavored water. Not to mention I just picked up some vhs tapes. They are a trilogy featuring paint drying.” Lame, huh? Not appealing at all, right? No, people would rather come to this, “Our party will feature live music by Japanther, $200 steaks, and we will be burning stupid vhs tapes of paint drying.” The first example is like telling people, “Our sermon series is entitled Ephesians 1. The pastor will be starting at verse one, and exegeting it all the way through, explaining what it means. Then he will stop.” The second example is like saying, “Dude, our pastor is crazy. He rode a tractor on stage. They had a whole circus set up once. And check this – our new series is called, ‘Dropping F-Bombs’.”

I’m sure they like the attention, and they like being cutting edge. I’m sure voices like mine are only voice of confirmation to them. I mean, after all, Jesus did say you would be persecuted. Unfortunately, they aren’t the first ones to come up with this idea. Steven Furtick once had a series called “F Bomb.” It’s true that this is why their churches are so large. People eat this stuff up. And these pastors know it. But that’s about the only thing that these folks are eating. The sermonic substance of psycological anecdotes from the pastor’s life experiences under the guise of Bible teaching amounts to eating a drawing of food. And these churches do everything they can to convince you that it is the real thing. They will look at small churches and treat them as though they don’t preach Christ, otherswise they’d grow. The size of your influence is the test for the orthodoxy of your message. Unfortunately, people walk away convinced they had a full meal from churches like Church By the Glades, but are really just dying from ink poisoning.