Pastor Youcef Actually Denies Jesus

Have you heard of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani? I haven’t commented on him here yet. But, it seems like everyone is talking about him lately, especially since he was given a death sentence last week in Iran. This is a sentence that can happen tomorrow, or in a few years. His crime was his conversion from Islam to Christianity, or so we are told. The 34 year old pastor, husband, and father of two is being accused of rape and other crimes. But Youcef’s attorneys think these charges were a reaction to the international outcry that resulted when the story first broke. It seems to be the general feeling. His wife was also sentenced to life imprisonment. I don’t want to comment on religious liberty. I don’t want to comment on the motives or actions of the Iranian government. I don’t want to comment on Article 225 of the Iranian penal code which states, “Punishment for an Innate Apostate is death,” and “Punishment for a Parental Apostate is death.” I don’t want to comment on their verdict. I want to comment on the mischaracterization that Pastor Youcef is a Christian.

Doubtless that prayer after prayer has been offered for the release of Pastor Youcef. And this isn’t necessarily a sinful request. Rather, what we should pray for is that God would release him from his imprisonment and bondage in sin. Despite the headlines that assert Pastor Youcef is in prison and will be killed for not denying Christ, he actually already does deny Christ. You may be saying, “Dude. This is harsh. The guy is in prison.” And isn’t that oftentimes a test of orthodoxy for some? Some may assume that because he is persecuted, his message must be legit. Anyhow, how can I say all this? Persian evangelical and reformed publication, Parsa Trust put out an article in 2011 by Pastor Pooyan Mehrshahi. And he has some interesting things to disclose to us concerning Youcef’s theology:

“Pastor Nadarkhani is actually one of the leaders in a growing cult in Iran, which is linked with the Oneness Pentecostalism (Jesus Only) cult, which is non-Trinitarian, believes in baptismal regeneration, and is very closely linked and supported by the United Pentecostal Churches outside of Iran. They -with less than 200 members inside Iran- greatly admire and follow the teachings of an American preacher, William M. Branham, who claimed to be the last of God’s prophets on earth, that the doctrine of the Trinity is from the devil, and only those who are baptised in Jesus’ name are saved.” [source]

Youcef ain’t no Christian. He can’t be sentenced on charges of not denying Jesus, because the Jesus he believes in is the Oneness Jesus. In other words, Youcef actually denies Jesus. Remember the modalism stuff with Jakes? Yup, Oneness teaches that God is one being and one person who manifests himself in three different ways – father, son, and spirit. He is part of a growing cult in Iran. And now he is sentenced to death. Persecution has a way of affirming one’s beliefs to oneself, no matter how wack those beliefs are. With the international uproar and support of thousands of ignorant professing Christians, Youcef may only become more and more hardened in his false doctrine. When you pray for him, don’t necessarily pray for his escape from the hands of those who can destroy the body. Instead pray that he would be saved from the wrath of God, Who can destroy both the body and soul in hell (Matthew 10:28).


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  1. Sound like a true man of God to me & it sounds like whoever wrote this article better open the Bible and do a little more reading of their own. I’m so glad to hear that God’s word is actually being understood by those who truley open their hearts to its understanding & once again shows God is opening the eyes of the hungry souls everywhere. To those that believe what they heard all their & don’t want to do a little soul searching for theirself well all I can say is thats why Jesus spoke in parables for people like you


    1. Rachel, upon what basis do you say this man is a “true man of God”? If Youcef is Oneness, then he isn’t a Christian. Plain and Simple. It’s logically impossible, not to mention unbiblical, to suggest that two competing views of God and both be true. I suggest looking further into Oneness.


  2. Christopher is right, the Oneness Pentacostal church is a CULT. It is apostate Christianity, with very deceptive and subtle false doctrines. They deny the Trinity, they claim that if you were baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost then you are not truly saved because you were baptized using the wrong formula basically. First of all, it is NOT BY WORKS that we are saved; water baptism does NOT save you, regardless of what words you use!! Otherwise Jesus could not have said to the thief on the cross, “Today you will be with me in paradise”. Rachel, you may have read your “bible”, but you have no better understanding of it than any other cult member. For more on the lies and deceptions of Oneness Pentacostalism please read: ONENESS PENTACOSTALS AND THE TRINITY, By Greg Boyd. p.s. I once attended a Oneness Pentacostal church and the pastor was adamant that i had been baptized by the wrong formula. I stopped going after about 2 weeks. Mr. Boyd was an actual member of the cult and wrote his book based on his own inside info.


    1. you people should all keep quite and give thanks that the man know the lord.the writer of this article better be ashamed of himself for saying that all christians should be trinitarians before they can be termed believers.This is wrong.i am a trinitarian does it mean my oneness brothers are not my fellow believers.what is the qualification for one to be a child of God?John 1:12 says it are like the pharisees in the days of the early church who were right in their own eyes.please show remorse that someone is actually dying for his faith in the son of God.


      1. That’s just it though. He doesn’t know the Lord. If you get the definitions wrong, you are wrong. I can’t just say, “Yeah, I love Jesus, SHE’S my Lord and Savior.” Just because I say I love Jesus doesn’t mean I love Him. Paul warned the church in COrinth, for instance, about being deceived by false Christ’s.


  3. Calling other christians cult, false, beelzebub, mad, samaritan etc. simply because they see Scripture differently from you is satan’s language. Jesus referred to those who called him thus as being of their father the devil. If I were tempted to call anyone a cult, the first would be the trinitarians. Trinity is nothing but a subtle front for three gods and the Jews call us pagans because of it. If you are a trinitarian, I suggest you remove the Old Testament from your Bible for throughout the OT God said “I am God, there is none else”; “they are my people”; “they shall worship me”. I, me, my, mine etc is one person talking. Next pray to God to open your eyes to see that the New Testament does not teach that Jesus is in the godhead but rather the reverse i.e. the godhead is in Jesus Christ (Col.2:9, 2 Cor. 5:19, 1Tim 3:16 etc. etc.). God became one of us (Immanuel) or in plainer language God became a human being so as to lift up His own creation. It was this “human being” which was called the Son of God and which many mistakenly refer to as the second person of the trinity. This “human being” did the very things human beings do: He ate food, slept, prayed, grew in wisdom, grew tired, died etc. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden, God did not send someone else called His Son to save them. He came personally and clothed them thereby redeeming them. When it comes to the actual redemption of the human race would we expect Him to send a lesser being ???
    Finally it is almost laughable that people who baptise in the name of Jesus Christ are a “cult” while those who reject the Name of Jesus Christ are “Christians”! What joke is this? Who is being deluded by an anti-Christ spirit? The apostles baptised in the Name of Jesus Christ and approximately 10,000 believers were so baptised in the book of Acts. Did the apostles misunderstand Jesus when He told them to baptise in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit? Or have the denominations misunderstood Jesus? I prefer to believe the latter.Jesus told the apostles to baptise in the NAME of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. For your information father is not a name and neither is son or Holy Spirit. Maybe we need to go back to basic grammar.


    1. You said: “Calling other christians cult, false, beelzebub, mad, samaritan etc. simply because they see Scripture differently from you is satan’s language.”

      And yet Paul said that if even an angel came preaching a different gospel, they are accursed. Is that devil language? There aren’t multiple meanings to Scripture. Seeing “scripture differently” is damnable in many cases. We aren’t talking about baptismal views or eschatalogical views. This is the person of God. To worship a different definition of God logically means you worship a different God. Plain and simple.

      It’s a HUGE stretch to say Jesus condemned the Pharisees for calling others a cult. That’s pretty dishonest, and somewhat contradictory since Jesus was saying they were wrong. And He did so scathingly, as He was calling them sons of the devil and broods of vipers. Was that “mean” devil language?

      You said: “Trinity is nothing but a subtle front for three gods and the Jews call us pagans because of it. If you are a trinitarian, I suggest you remove the Old Testament from your Bible for throughout the OT God said “I am God, there is none else”; “they are my people”; “they shall worship me”. I, me, my, mine etc is one person talking.”

      The Jews call us pagans? So what? They rejected that Jesus was God too, and gnashed their teeth over the fact that He made Himself “equal to God”. Does that mean He wasn’t? Since when does the opinion of a group of people who reject Christ matter and/or have any bearing on what we should believe? I realize the OT doesn’t speak as clearly about the Trinity as the NT. That’s because of progressive revelation. The apostles also had no idea Jesus was coming to die on a cross. Does that mean we should say, “Remove your OT, because the Messiah isn’t clearly spoken of as dying on a cross to satisfy the wrath of God on behalf of His people, rising from the dead for their justification.” No.

      I do believe God is ONE. He says He is. But what does that mean? He is ONE being, and three persons. That is revealed in the NT.


      1. May I agree with you? Paul said those who preach a different gospel from the one he preached are accursed. Then how come we practise a different baptism from the one Paul practised? Paul baptised converts in the Name of Jesus Christ. (Acts 19:1-7). Salvation comes through the Name of Jesus Christ only. “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is NONE other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). Why can’t we believe such basic Bible truths before we go into some advanced imaginary things such as trinity? To say how we are baptised does not matter is plainly mocking the Word of God. Jesus said every Word of God is crucial. “…Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”. (Matthew 4:4)
        On your other point, about the Jews and Jesus, may I say this: the Jews put Jesus to death for blasphemy. They clearly understood that He was claiming to be God Himself when He called Himself the I AM, forgave sins etc. To the Jews, Jesus was not merely calling Himself the Son of God, but the Lord God Himself. When Thomas’ eyes burst open he cried out. “My Lord and my God” (John 20:28). In other words “the Lord God is here”! And Jesus agreed with him. The trinitarians need to have their eyes similarly come open.
        Finally can you quote me just one verse in the Bible which says unequivocally that God is three persons? Not one which appears to imply so! If every manifestation of God is a different person, then maybe someone has missed something. Just two examples: Melchisedec had no father and no mother and no beginning and no end (Hebrews 7:1-3)? Who was He? The Father? The Son? The Holy Spirit? We would need a fourth person in the godhead? What about the angel of the Lord? The Angel of the Lord was recognised as deity and was worshipped (Genesis 16:9-13; Exodus 3:1-6). Who was He? Again I ask: was He The father? The Son? The Holy Spirit? Would we coin a fifth member of the godhead? And where will it end???


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