Roman Catholicislam Praise Song

Hey, guys. I know it has been about two weeks since I’ve last posted. The first week I was sooooo sick. Sick as a dog in fact, sans barking. Aside from that, I have been busy over at the Sovereign Grace Society, a collaborative blog I’ve been working on with some bros where we defend the gospel against things like universal atonement, free will, lordship salvation, common grace, and tolerant Calvinism. Check it out if you are interested. Even more to the side of that, I’ve been working on an animated cartoon. It has been so tedious, and ironically back-breaking, despite the fact that I’m not doing any physical labor. I guess it’s been mentally back-breaking? Anyhow, I’m not about to release details about that just yet. Today I realized how I’ve neglected this site, and that I really need to get back to updating it. I also realized that it is a Friday. So in light of my newly formed tradition of posting music videos on Fridays, here is one I think you will love. 

I know that many people go through life with hopes and dreams, and that those dreams seldom get realized. Well, consider me the dream maker. See, I have a hunch that you have had a particular desire up until this point. I can sense it. I feel like you have always always always wanted to listen to a Chrislam song. Yes, a song from the synchretistic impulses of those who love Christianity and Islam. And have I got the song for you. Here is a song that blends the song Ave Maria with Allah Akbar. Now, before you think I have done a backflip off of the ledge of orthodoxy, I realize Ave Maria isn’t a Christian song. It’s a Roman Catholic song. So maybe this can be called Roman Catholicislam.

The description below this video on YouTube reads:

From the Single “Islamo-Christian AVE” by Tania Kassis on sale at Virgin Megastore and major music stores in Lebanon as well as on iTunes,, MySpace Music and several digital distribution companies.

It’s an inspired arrangement of an Ave Maria accompanied by the Adhan “Allah Akbar”. An idea of Tania Kassis at the occasion of the designation of March 25 (Annonciation Day) as National Islamo-Christian Holiday in Lebanon.

Anyhow, enjoy the song! Happy Friday 🙂