Mark Driscoll, Why You Hitting Yourself?

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A common ad hominem argument made by many pastors is the “blogger” argument. An ad hominem argument is a term that literally means “To the person,” and can take different shapes. Imagine if you said, “Eating heavy amounts of sodium can increase blood pressure.” Then imagine me saying, “Yah, well you’re stupid” or “Yah, well, you are a nazi, so we can’t listen to you” or “Yah, well you have high blood pressure, and hate sodium, so of course you’d say that.” These would each be examples of ad hominem arguments. Whether or not you might be stupid or a nazi or have high blood pressure has no bearing on whether or not the argument is true. The fact is, those types of arguments seek to destroy the character and/or credibility of the one creating the argument so their argument may perhaps be weakened. But the ad hominem is a logical fallacy. It doesn’t address the argument.

So, back to what I was saying. Many pastors make sure their congregations know that bloggers can’t be trusted. They paint vivid pictures of who these bloggers truly are. They make sure that the congregation understands that blogs are just the musings of the overweight, pimple faced, middle-aged, still living at home with their parents, loser who can barely see their own computer screens through the artificial mountain range of Big Gulp cups, pizza boxes, Dorito bags, and Twinkie wrappers. It’s a wonder they can even type on their keyboards with all that sticky Dorito residue, huh? This is soooooo common. The bloggers this and the bloggers that. Meanwhile, the bloggers’ arguments go unnoticed, and the congregation has all the time in the world to listen to the pastor. Anyone who would tell him he is wrong must simply be a “hater” or “blogger.”

I had recently heard a Mark Driscoll sermon, and decided to turn it into a meme. I have a few other pastors on the list for this same exact thing. Someone might say, “Yah, well Mark is speaking of a certain type of blogger.” Well, he never makes that clear, and, in fact, it’s never made clear by the folks I intend to post up in the days to come. It’s just the general “BLOGGERS.” Anyhow, check it out.


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