Creflo Dollar Gets Arrested

Earlier this month, Creflo Dollar was arrested. He’s the Word Faith pastor over at World Changers Church International in Atlanta, Georgia. The church is pretty huge. Just saying. Anyways, he was arrested after his 15 year old daughter called the police on him for punching and choking her. The arrest warrant says Creflo “intentionally caused physical harm to his teenage daughter by grabbing her around the neck and choking her.” It was also reported that she had a scratch on her neck. They were arguing over her wanting to go to a party. Here’s part of the 911 call taken from here:

911 Operator:  What’s going on there?

Caller:  I just got in an altercation with my father.  He punched me and frightened me and choked me.  Um, it’s not the first time it’s happened.  I feel  threatened by being in this house.  Um, I don’t know, I don’t  know  what can be done but I’m scared, I’m shaking.  I don’t know what to do.

911 Operator: 
 Do you have any injuries?  Do you need an ambulance?

Caller:  No, ma’am.

911 Operator: 
 What were you arguing about?

Caller: He asked me, um. He asked me…  It was a previous argument about me going to a party on Saturday.  And he brought up grades and I started crying.  So, I walked out of the room to the kitchen, to my sisters.  I was by myself, it was just me and my sisters in the kitchen.  And he followed behind me and asked me why I was crying?  And I said I do not want to talk to you.  And he went off.  That’s when he went off.  He came and put his arm around my neck and choked me and bent me over the table.  And I pushed him off of me and he threw me on the ground and punched me in my face.  

Pretty crazy stuff. Well, after Creflo was arrested, he returned to his congregation. And he was welcomed back like a celebrity with screams and applause. Now, I’m not saying he was doing backflips. He did seem very quiet. He assured everyone that everything was fine at his house, and that there had been an argument. Check out the video:

He said that the scratch on her neck had been eczema and had been there for ten years. He denied having choked her or punched her – despite that being what she said AND despite her saying that it was something that has happened in the past AND despite her feeling threatened. But, let’s be honest here, teenagers stretch the truth sometimes. After all, if Creflo really punched her and choked her, I think it’d be more visible to the cops than a scratch on her neck. Dollar then just blamed the devil for trying to “shoot the messenger” to discourage the message. And he compared himself to Paul who was told that Christ’s grace was sufficient in his suffering, Daniel facing the lions, and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace. I have no idea what happened, because I wasn’t there. Just letting you know the facts. If Creflo didn’t do it, then that’s a shame that his daughter would lie and attempt to ruin her father’s reputation. If Creflo is lying, then he sure knows how to twist a scandal into a bright and shining crown. You decide.


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