Zombies Protest Westboro

Last Friday, Westboro Baptist protested the military yet again. They gathered outside Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state. Their message was the same as always – since the United States is becoming more accepting of homosexuality, then God is obviously killing troops because of it. To them, that’s why God hates America. I can’t stress enough that Westboro’s problem is that they confuse law and gospel. Certainly, God hates sin. He hated it so much that Christ died for it on behalf of His people. But there is no gospel here. There is no good news in their message. Their message is, “1. You’re a fag. 2. God hates fags. 3. Stop being a fag. 4. Now God is happy.” Ummmm. Where does Jesus fit? I’m sure that they allow Jesus a 10 second guest spot on Sundays, but the rest of the time the message is about how if America doesn’t tighten up, they are doomed. Ironically, this is the SAME EXACT message that many churches teach too. They aren’t out there picketing soldiers’ funerals and nuancing their views in quite the same way, but their confusion of law and gospel is the same – That unless the USA gets more moral, we’re done for. In other words, God will start blessing this country when unbelievers start acting right. Wrong.

Interestingly, the Westboro guys were met with about 10 times the amount of counter-protestors. And they were dressed up like zombies. Kids these days, I tell yah. One zombie interviewee said that Westboro’s message was hateful, Jesus wasn’t hateful, and loved everybody. Yes, Westboro’s message is hateful because there is no good news in it. Jesus was hateful toward sin since He is God, and God hates evil. In fact, the reason those zombies organized was because of their hatred toward what they consider evil. Jesus doesn’t love everyone. He died for those whom He loved. “The boastful shall not stand before Your eyes; You hate all who do iniquity.” (Psalm 5:5). I’m sure it pleased Westboro Baptist to see the protestors wearing corpse paint, since the church undoubtedly believes anyone who opposes them is dead in trespasses and sins anyways. They probably took it as a sign (pun intended) or something. The protestors didn’t show up to make a stand for gay marriage. Apparently they were in support of the military having had ties with military folk. Certainly no solider who died in battle could ever possibly in a million years be a Christian.