Sun Myung Moon Dead at 92

Sun Myung Moon was a self-proclaimed messiah. He claimed that in 1954, Jesus came to Him and gave Him a mission. He went on to form the Unification church. Here are excerpts from the the official church site:

“Raised in a family that converted to Christianity when he was 11, Reverend Moon knew that religion addressed the fundamental human condition and promised an ideal world to those who obey God. However, he saw that religions, although centuries old and based on scriptures offering revelatory insights, seemed in practice unable to answer many of life’s questions or solve some of the deepest problems facing humankind. Troubled by the gap between religious ideals and the actual state of the world, he began his own ardent pursuit of solutions through a life of prayer and study.”

“At age fifteen, while deep in prayer he had a vision of Jesus Christ who called him to dedicate his life to God and the salvation of humankind. Despite his youth and the seeming impossibility of the mission, he accepted God’s call. But he knew he could not succeed in his task without a profound understanding of the Creator, His creation and His plan for man. He intensified his quest for the truth, spending days and nights in passionate prayer, rigorous fasting and study. His method was to posit specific questions, research answers in the physical and spiritual worlds, and then seek confirmation for those answers through prayer. On several occasions he was guided directly by Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and other saints and sages of all faiths, who met him in spirit and contributed to his understanding of God and the complex history of God’s relationship with humankind. By the age of 25 he had developed the fundamentals of his teaching, the Divine Principle. Unificationists in 192 countries will tell you that the reason they became followers of Reverend Moon is because they found in his teachings the most clear and profound answers to their deepest questions about life.”

And taken from one of Moon’s sermons:

“Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the returning Messiah for whom you have been waiting and waiting. He inherited my mission at the age of 16. Dear Christians, are you still looking up and waiting for Christ to return on the clouds? Reverend Moon travels throughout the world on the clouds. He is investing all of his heart and soul for the realization of world peace. Even today, although he is over 80 years old, he is fighting on the frontline.”

The official site may be found here.

 Apparently, Moon first got notoriety from marrying couples. “Marrying couples? That’s it?” you may ask. Well, not only did the couples usually live in different countries from the other, but these couples had never even met before until their wedding day. Moon arranged thousands of these marriages. He was trying to build a multicultural and religious world. Anyhow, he’s been accused of brainwashing church members and taking their money. Whether he has or not, I can’t say for sure, but what I can say is that he ain’t the messiah. You won’t be seeing him rise from the dead in 3 days. This cult leader had 92 years on this earth, and spent them misleading people and keeping them away from the gospel. And now he has died. Pray for his followers, who will be mourning for 13 days. Pray that somehow they learn that this man was a false Christ. Pray that they hear the gospel and believe it.