Todd Bentley Sees the Spirit of Thor

Todd Bentley is no stranger to controversy. And by controversy, I mean being absolutely crazy. If you haven’t heard of him before, you can watch a brief video here, but let me give you a quick run down. He’s a faith healing evangelist who goes around telling people of his experiences with angelic beings (like International Banker Angel… not kidding), and spouting prophetic utterances. He also was known for his outlandish healing techniques, like kicking people in the face with his combat boot OR kicking them in the stomach when they have cancer OR drop kicking people. He went big time when he had a huge revival that spanned a few days in FL a few years back. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that he was also having an affair with his kids’ babysitter. And the guys that put him in the position to teach at the revival knew it. Anyhow, he later split from his wife and married the babysitter. He fell off the grid for a while until he was restored by Rick Joyner. Now he and his wife are back at it. And, yes, things are still crazy. 

Stan Tyra is the Senior Pastor of Revolution Church in Rogers, Arkansas. And on July 29-30, 2012, Pastor Stan invited Todd to speak at his church. It apparently was a good time, because on August 11, Pastor Stan thought to give the following testimony to his congregation:

Todd Bentley had a word for me last week. He gave that word kinda semi-publicly, and we shared it in the house because it’s important to us as a church. And he said that he saw a spirit of Thor on me.

Thor is a character that some of you probably familiar with. I really wasn’t that familiar with him until he told me. But Thor carries a hammer. And Todd said, “Stan, when you teach it’ll be like a hammer, and it will break things that are so that new things may be formed.” And that’s a powerful word to me.

There yah go. Todd Bentley saw the “spirit of Thor” on him. By the way, I know lately, Thor is that cool looking, hammer wielding Marvel character. But, actually, Thor is a false god from Norwegian mythology. And people worshipped him. When Christianity was coming into Scandinavia, Thor’s worshippers wore emblems of his hammer around their neck to show their opposition to Christ and the crosses that Christians wore. By the way, here’s what the apostle Paul said about Gentiles’ worship of other gods:

No, but I say that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons and not to God; and I do not want you to become sharers in demons.
1 Corinthians 10:20

So, let’s say that Todd Bentley is right. That means that Stan Tyra more than likely has a demon, right? How else should we interpret Todd Bentley saying that Pastor Stan has the spirit of a false god from Norway?


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