“God is in Control” Isn’t Good Enough for Grief

Sometime in early November, I started feeling foggy all day long. I still do to this day. It had come during a time when I was starting to have achiness throughout my teeth and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Dentists’ x-rays didn’t show anything, and yet my molars were achy. The fogginess I felt was accompanied with bouts of dizziness and lightheadedness. At times, in the beginning, I’d even have shallow breathing. I felt choked at times. This made it difficult to even look down at a page to write or draw. And art is one way that I make money. I became really depressed. I didn’t want to do anything. Continue reading “God is in Control” Isn’t Good Enough for Grief


Listen to the Pained Donkey Voice of God

Have you ever heard someone tell you to listen for “God’s still small voice”? Maybe you’ve heard this from your pastor or favorite daily devotional or blogger. It is usually put in the context of needing to take “time out for God” in our otherwise loud and busy days. Rick Warren’s sermon, God Wants to Talk to You, Part 3, is a perfect example of this common evangelical teaching. In it, he begins by saying that we can’t have a relationship with God if we can’t hear God. We need to silence the televisions, phones, and radios and listen for Him in silence. Now, the first thought that might enter our brains is that if Rick Warren is teaching this and the view is popular, then perhaps there’s truth there. But there are two major problems with this view. Let’s start with the second of these two problems by comparing this teaching to the Scripture. 
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I Don’t Feel Saved

This morning, particularly grieved over my sin, I decided to pray. As I began to pray, I noticed that my parents’ dog was barking at the front door. Bark. Bark. Bark. I have to admit, it was annoying. With every shrill note, I felt like someone was poking my side with a fork. It was difficult to concentrate. I closed my eyes tighter as if it would help me ignore this distraction. Continue reading I Don’t Feel Saved

The Protest! Station Comic #13 – I’m a Father, Son, and Husband

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Modalism seems to be the issue for this week because of the Elephant Room 2 and TD Jakes. So, I thought I would illustrate and bring to light how many folks, who might criticize Jake’s theology, describe the trinity. I realize that the illustration may have been defined a little differently by others. For instance, some may have said, “I am an employee” instead of “husband.” Either way, it makes the point. God is one being, but not one person. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, if the distinction between being and person confuses you, maybe this will help. A brick has being, but it isn’t personal. I am a being (human) and am a person (Chris). A Modalist would say that God is one being and one person who functions in three different modes – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Almost as though it was a mask that the one person changes in and out of. But God is one being and three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The “economic trinity” (or functions of each person of the trinity) is not the same as modalism because each person is distinct from one another, though one being. This is a wonderful and mind blowing reality. It isn’t paradoxical or illogical. Just difficult for finite beings to wrap our brains around. Anyhow, I hope this cartoon is helpful to you.