Wrapped Up in Relevancy

101095518-135165692-530x298I still remember the time in Bible college when our class was confronted with an Internet article about implementing various methods in order to increase congregational numbers. The author explained that many congregations altered their music and services in a way that would reflect the culture more. Continue reading Wrapped Up in Relevancy


The Heavy Coat of Self-Justification

fear3815It’s been about 4 months since I’ve said anything on this site. The last few articles I’d written and the subsequent reactions to those articles had driven away my desire to write. I just didn’t feel like it. It’s not that I felt that the comments were overwhelmingly unloving. I realize that a lot of people felt very disillusioned by what happened. I did too. My apathy toward writing mostly had to do with how the motivation behind what I had written was perceived by only a few people. And they weren’t exactly wrong. Continue reading The Heavy Coat of Self-Justification

Tim Tebow: Guest Speaker at Word of Faith Conference???

Join Pastor Rod Parsley as he welcomes Tim Tebow, Kenneth Copeland, Isaac Pitre, and Clint Brown at the CONTENDING FOR THE FAITH weekend, presented by Valor Christian College.

These 3 days are absolutely critical to your faith – March 16th, 17th & 18th.

Mark your calendar! You’ll grow in faith, experience the power of the Holy Spirit, and learn how the anointing of God to can resonate in your life. There will be live concerts and a very special “Partners ONLY” anointing service…

Valor Christian College is holding SPRING COLLEGE DAYS, where you can experience The School of the Spirit, in conjunction with the Contending for the Faith weekend! Click here to learn more about College Days!

– Taken from (https://www.rodparsley.com/contending-for-the-faith) Continue reading Tim Tebow: Guest Speaker at Word of Faith Conference???

TD Jakes’ Trinitarian Confusion

The following is quoted from yesterday’s Elephant Room 2:

Apparently (to TD Jakes), there has been confusion about what you believe.

My situation is not that different from his. My father was Methodist. My mother was Baptist. I was raised in a Baptist church. But I was raised in church without a committed experience with Christ when my father died. My conversion to Christ took place in a Oneness church. Continue reading TD Jakes’ Trinitarian Confusion

Martin Luther King Jr.: A Humanitarian but No Christian

On this day when people everywhere remember Martin Luther King, Jr. and the footprint he left, I thought I’d post a quote or two of his. It’s no secret that he was a Baptist minister. But take a look at some of his theology. He denied the deity of Christ, thinking that the unity Christ had with God was in purpose alone. He found penal substitutionary atonement to be an impossibility. If this wasn’t bad enough, he believed that man’s salvation rested in his own hands. Continue reading Martin Luther King Jr.: A Humanitarian but No Christian

The Olivet Discourse – The End of the “Age”

written by G de Leon

Jesus gave a discourse regarding the end of times on the Mount of Olives.  It is known as the “Little Apocalypse” and is recorded in three Gospels: Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13.  We begin our study with the first few verses of Matthew 24.

To pave the way for the rest of the discourse, we must eliminate the main obstacle found in the first three verses of the King James Version… Continue reading The Olivet Discourse – The End of the “Age”

Steven Furtick Visits Potential Church

I don’t think I have written about Steven Furtick on this blog, although I have been following him for years now. Steven is the pastor of Elevation church in North Carolina, and the author of the book “Sun Stand Still.” It all began for me a few years ago when I was attending Bible college in North Carolina. A few of the professors were impressed by the mixture of his apparent boldness, youth, and unorthodox appearance. I decided to check him out on the internet. My first impression of him was a poor one. I watched a video of him yelling about how those who beg their pastors to preach deeper theology are nothing but “fat Pharisees” who like to pull their bellies up to the table, but never want to serve anyone. Right away, I have a problem with this. Continue reading Steven Furtick Visits Potential Church