World Religions

Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (offical site)
A brief description

Desteni (official site)
A brief description

Eckhart Tolle (official site)
video: A New Earth – A “Sweetener” for Christianity

Growing in Grace (official site)
A brief description

Harold Camping (official site)
A brief description
Harold Camping Week: Day 1 / The Final Countdown
Harold Camping Week: Day 2 / My Conversation with Sam
Harold Camping Week: Day 3 / Are You Wise?
Harold Camping Week: Day 4 / A Closed Book Now Open
Harold Camping Week: Day 5 / Painting By Numbers
Harold Camping Week: Day 6 / Sober Up
Harold Camping Week: Day 7 / May Day
Should We Choke Harold Camping?
Harold Camping Is Barking Mad
October 21 is Two Weeks Away!!!
It’s the End of the World As We… No It’s Not
Harold Camping Repents… Awesome?
audio: Iron Sharpens Iron: Harold Camping
Harold Camping Seminar, James White (2002)

Isis Oasis (official site)
ELCA and Temple of Isis Team Up

Jehovah’s Witnesses (official site)
video: Animated Jehovah’s Witness Doctrine

Lord RA-EL (official site)
Lord RA-EL Addresses the World

Mormonism (official site)
Do You Love Theology Or Jesus?
video: Animated Mormon Doctrine

Raelianism (official site)
A brief description

Roman Catholicism (official site)
Is Kenneth Copeland Becoming Roman Catholic?
Roman Catholicism: Blasphemy of the Highest Order
Some Thoughts on Dead Man Walking

Unification Church (official site)
A brief description

Westboro Baptist church (official site)
Fred Phelps Sr. of Westboro Baptist Church is Near Death
Mark Driscoll Explains God’s Love to Westboro Baptist Church

Yahweh’s New Kingdom (official site)
A brief description


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